Location: Laconia/Belmont to Concord

Distance: About 40 miles

Difficulty: Easy. No serious hills and the shoulders are very wide (actually a whole car lane in width!)

Description: This ride is a straight shot down 106 to Concord, turning around at the intersection with 393 (I usually stop for a break in the Makris Seafood Restaurant parking lot). There are no directions needed for this ride. Stay on 106, turn around, and head back to your starting point. And the shoulders are very wide and well maintained. It easy to “zone out” on this ride and keep up a good pace.

A special note: This ride takes you right past the New Hampshire International Speedway in Loudon, NH. Before you attempt this ride, make sure there is not a major race going on (like a Nascar race)! The area around the speedway gets very congested and the wide shoulders are converted to car lanes to ease race traffic. Click Here to visit the speedway web site. If you are a Nascar fan, there is a gift shop that is open to the public.

There are also a number of gas station convenience stores along this route. They are a great place to restock your sports drink or use their bathrooms.