Mission Statement

The Bike-Walk Alliance of NH (BWA-NH) is to be the statewide focal point for bicycling and pedestrian related issues including safety and education programs, to act as a clearinghouse and resource for literature, and to promote viable programs initiated by other organizations.

BWA-NH Goals

1. To be the voice for bicyclists and pedestrians in New Hampshire.
2. To ensure streets are bicycle and pedestrian friendly.
3. Provide resources and support bicyclists and pedestrians of all ages.
4. Endorse the IEE Program (Inform, Educate and Enforce) via the public, state, and private agencies.
5. To be the statewide liaison for all bicycling clubs.
6. Promote bicycle and pedestrian safety, education, and trail access.
7. Advocate for cyclists and pedestrian rights.
8. Publicize that bicycles are legal vehicles on our roadways.
9. Enhance state and local laws to incorporate the needs of bicyclists and pedestrians.

Web Site: http://www.bwanh.org/