Central New Hampshire Bike Coalition

The mission of the Central New Hampshire Bicycling Coalition is to effectively improve bicycling conditions, safety, parking and the road network as well as to provide education and promotion of bicycling in Concord and surrounding communities.  Our success is based on collaboration with municipalities, regional planners, the New Hampshire Department of Transportation, local and regional businesses and bicycling focused groups and individuals throughout the state.  A critical focus is our work with local and regional planners and municipal officials to construct bicycle lanes and improve roads and conditions to be more bicycle friendly so that new and expert bicyclists feel safer and more confident in bicycling on our roads and trails.  Equally as important are our efforts to raise awareness of bicyclists on roads, bicycles as viable transportation vehicles and outreach programs that will provide bicycle safety education, guided bicycle rides, enforcement of the 3-foot rule and similar laws and the publication of materials.

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