Distance: About 70 miles

Difficulty: Varied terrain.


There are lots of places to start on this ride. Here are some ideas for where to park:

  • The intersection of 11 and 11C
    • Park in the Patrick’s Pub parking lot
    •  or follow the signs to Meadowbrook and park there
    • In the off-season (before Memorial Day or after Labor Day), you can park in the Sawyers lot
  • Wolfeboro
  • Moultonborough
  • Meredith (public parking by the town locks)


This ride is a loop that goes all the way around the big lake. The following is a list of roads to take if you go around the lake clockwise. This list starts in Gilford at the intersection of 11 and 11C – if you start someplace else, just locate your start below and loop back to the top of the list.

  • Route 11 South to Alton Bay
    • This stretch has some nice views of the lake and some scenic overlooks. There are sections with terrific, extra-wide shoulders that are a pleasure to ride on, especially if you are with a group. But there are also some sections where the shoulder disappears, and you’ve got a white line, and then the dirt! If you are heading south, this bad stretch of shoulders starts just beyond Ellacoya State park and continues for several miles.
  • In Alton Bay, take 28A North.
    • Note that the section of road leaving Alton Bay has some narrow shoulders on some winding roads and hills. Take care through this section.
  • 28A connects to 28 North. Take 28 North
  • At the intersection of 28 North and 109, take 109 North
  • Continue on 109 until you get to Route 25 in Moultonborough. Take 25 South
  • When you get to Meredith, Take Route 3 South
  • When you get to Weirs Beach, take 11B South. This will take you back to the starting point at the intersection of 11B and 11