Okay, we know that the Kancamagus Highway (The Kanc), is not in the Lakes Region, but several members have written to us telling us that it’s worth the drive if you want to tackle some serious climbs.

The Kancamagus is 28 miles long and climbs to an elevation of over 3,000 feet. The road runs from North Woodstock to Conway NH. There are plenty of places to park at either end of the ride (you can park in lots of many of the stores and businesses). However, if you drive part way up the road into the White Mountain National Park, you will need to pay for parking in the roadside lots.

A few other notes about this ride:

  • It is considered by many to be one of the most scenic rides in New England – so pack that  camera.
  • During “Fall Foliage Season”, the road gets clogged with long lines of vehicles including large motor homes. If you make this ride during this season, get an early start.
  • Since most of the ride is through a National Park, there aren’t any places to buy food or energy drinks, but you will find a variety of rest areas with rest rooms and water fountains along the way.
  • We recommend that you ride this with a least one “buddy”, as you go through some fairly remote and steep areas and if you go off the road, it could be a while before anyone finds you!

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